Transform your petrol karts into a fully managed and monitored fleet with our Double Footer kit:

Electric Karts often offer the possibility to have full control of performance and driveability.
With the Double Footer kit you will add all modern features to your existing petrol kart fleet, with just a minimal investment.

Hereunder you will find a brief listing of features that will be added to your exisiting petrol kart fleet.


What is the Double Footer?

Every kart center manager knows the problem. Drivers often apply the throttle and the brake pedal at the same time, which causes a lot of premature wear of brake pads and -discs, engine, transmission, fuel consumption gets higher, etc.

The Double Footer system is based on a small but powerful ECU. The driver operates the throttle in the same way as before, only will the pedal position be registered by a contactless sensor instead of a cable between pedal and throttle valve. As soon as the ECU captures the signal of both throttle and brake pedals, power will be reduced, which instantly notices the driver to adapt his driving behaviour.

Higher Safety and Reliability

Every track has its specific features. Especially outdoor tracks are very sensible to weather conditions, indoor tracks also can get slippery due to changing weather conditions (humidity).
Our Double Footer system will allow you to adapt max. power output of your karts, in order to maximise security and minimise te risk of accidents and damages.

In order to prevent engine damage the engine temperature is also monitored by the Double Footer ECU.

Adjustable Power

Power can be adjusted for each kart, this allows you to equalize chances for every driver, depending on the mass of each of them.

Boost Function

Drivers can obtain one or more boost-sessions, allowing them to strategically choose the time slots to pass by one or more competitior on the track.

Lighting options

All of your karts can be equipped with fancy front and rear light, as well as brake lights.
Karts can also be upgraded with extra RGB chassis-lighting, this option allows to distinguish different groups of drivers in one session, giving an extra touch to the karting experience in your kart center.

Yellow Flag - full control

In case of a yellow flag situation simply reduce the maximum speed of all karts on the track, reducing the risk of accidents, injuries and damages.

CAN compatible

The Double Footer ECU is fully CAN compatible.

Integrated sound module - two CAN ports - three analog inputs - three digital inputs - two analog outputs - wireless communication - RGB LED output - 12V output - double digit display - SD card slot - Gaming ready